Daily Specials


"Kids Day"

Free kids pizza with every purchase of a large pizza.


"Double Punch Day"

Receive two punches on loyalty card for every pizza purchase.


"Family Day"

2 Large pizzas and 4 soft drinks for $20.


"80's Day"

Large pizzas for $8.88 each.

8 PBR drafts for $8.88.

80's music and old school nintendo!


$1 PBR drafts and $5 Dessert pizzas.

Weekend Events

Saturdays & Sundays: Boards and Buckets

2 large pizzas and a 2 liter coke product for $23 -or-

2 large pizzas and a bucket of beer (5) for $28

Enjoy our selection of popular board games.

Grab your friends, order your perfect pizza, and come spend a few hours with us!